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Huashen a Dongfeng commercial vehicle off the assembly line

Huashen a Dongfeng commercial vehicle off the assembly line
18, a Dongfeng CES the economic commercial vehicles dongfeng part in Shiyan Maojian District, Dongcheng Development Zone off the assembly line. The project started construction in September last year, only five months to complete the construction of the production plant of 38,000 square meters final assembly, frame, chassis parts.
Sports Network (Hubei Daily) (reporter Huang China and the DPRK, special correspondent Ma Xianlun, correspondent Wu community full, Xiao-Lu) 18, a Dongfeng CES economic type of commercial vehicles in the the Shiyan Maojian district, dongfeng motor company Development Zone off the assembly line.
Car by Industrial Dongfeng (Shiyan) Vehicles Co., Ltd. to invest in the development of the project total investment of 300 million yuan, the main building of the commercial vehicle, construction machinery vehicles chinese motor company and chassis, frame, automotive tubing, wire harnesses and other key components production and sales base, completion of the project 30,000 annual produce vehicle Shiyan special vehicle can not only expand the share of exports to fill the blank of of Dongfeng heavy construction machinery car.
The project started construction in September last year, only five months to complete the construction of the production plant of 38,000 square meters final assembly, frame, chassis parts. Expected this year reached 12,000 vehicle production dongfeng motors scale, to achieve sales revenue of 10 billion yuan, a record more than 10 million yuan of tax revenue. 2012 put into operation, can be realized sales revenue of 38 billion yuan, a dump truck more than 50 million yuan of tax. Start with the assembly line of the new plant, the same day, a Dongfeng CES economical commercial vehicles officially off the assembly line.
October 10, through the joint efforts of all staff, Dongfeng Liuzhou cummins exhaust brake Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile) 2012 100 000 passenger cars off the assembly line at the company's general assembly two workshops the company's production and sales of passengerthe annual target of 140,000 cars provided a strong guarantee. 100,000 passenger cars off the assembly line, all the staff for dongfeng truck Liuzhou Automobile enhanced confidence, inspired morale, to become the new starting point for the development of Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile.
The latest data show that from January to September this year, dongfeng trucks china Liuzhou Motor Sales of passenger cars 98,728, a year-on-year growth of 41%. The first three quarters of this year, in the case of the overall decline of the national truck market, Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile rapid adjustment strategy, main wind carriageway Department, the popular King Plaza and popular LZGO fly with both wings, and achieved good results. Currently, the popular King Plaza monthly sales are always held in 6000, retaining its own cummins m11 engine brand the large hatchback jiajiao segment sales champion; popularity the Ling Zhi Month sales breakthrough 6000 reelection the Business MPV market monthly since December last year, sales champion. Especially popular Ling Ling Chi chi series models 1.6L, the average monthly sales stable in 5000, accounting for the popular the Ling Zhi car sales contribution rate, a small displacement commercial vehicle market leader.

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Multi-pronged approach to expand earnings channels

Multi-pronged approach to expand earnings channels
In the first half, Shaanxi contained in car sales fell nearly 18%, DongFeng, an increase of 7%. The reason, Kuang Yik new, First, because high Kingrun cost-effective, the market does not appear able to compete with cummins engine products; Second, the dealer's single-minded focus on the rational way to invest in the market Kingrun Compared with the "street vendor" sales of other brands, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Motor City in Xi'an opened days Kam shops, loyal brand management, to provide customers with a more powerful service, deeply moved by the customer.
To market the off-season doing something not done. Last year Shaanxi Beisheng in Xi'an dongfeng motor City opened its days Kam image store, this year achieved a good market response. "Dealers to be able to quickly discovered the market, rational investment, not blindly contraction can not be blind expansion. Identify opportunities, seize the opportunity, will be able to gain market breakthrough." The Marina the Yik view resounding, the DongFeng success is proof . Tasted the sweetness of the Shaanxi Beisheng again this year to invest in Baoji 4S shop, the Yulin region 4S shop is also planned. Improve the layout and construction of the network is ready for the next phase of more intense competition cummins exhaust manifold in the market to do during the low season, is a long-term development. Similarly, Shaanxi fashion ready to go out and create a sub-station service station, and expansion of services revenue. The official said that this year, the company is more concerned about the level of career development, expanding profit channels. In the financial services area, Shaanxi Fashion strengthen credit vehicles affiliated insurance agency set out to do, and use its own funds to do the financial profitability of the services and credit. Meanwhile, under the leadership of the headquarters of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle dongfeng automobile Company, the synergy between the various dealers can bring profit growth. The responsible person Shaanxi Beisheng stressed, the company has been firmly follow the pace of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company headquarters, now rely on credit, spare parts and services to protect corporate profits.
Customer first sub-industry customers to develop
"If I were a customer ..." This is a sales staff of the Shaanxi fashion mantra. Sales as last year's champion, his secret is "empathy, as customers,". Reception of a customer, he will ask the customers working conditions, standing customer standpoint, to help customers analyze, and recommend appropriate models. After the promotion, he not in a hurry to sell cars, "You think about it first," he dealers often say a word. He even recommends that customers go to competing products, allowing customers to make their own comparison and choose the most suitable for their own car. Perhaps it is this method of reverse thinking, sincere attitude to allow customers to put down their guard, saw his sincerity for the sake of customers. His explanation: "I have confidence in our products. dongfeng tractor so many years of history, has a good reputation; product quality is good, old users know, car fuel economy is not to say, you see the road maintenance how can Dongfeng car! "
The main topics of the Shaanxi market this year is to raise the gas car sales, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company Shaanxi Shang Dynasty at the focus on improving the adaptability of LNG (liquefied natural gas) gas vehicle market, maintaining the product overall competitiveness. At the same time, guide the operations of the dealer market, deepening of our customers and development efforts. Difficult because retail organizations to supply own a car ran a transport people less and less, are now retail in the form of fleet management to improve transport cummins diesel engine efficiency and reduce transport costs and maximize the benefits increasingly characterized tractor intensive more prominent gas car sales improved from industry customers start. GUAN Ya-jun, Shaanxi Shang Dynasty at the tractor strains manager has been very clear that the next major work, namely deep industry customers, to seize a larger market share.
"Denon new listing has been a long time, we will firmly seize the opportunity to transfer by car 4 years old customers." This is one of the Shaanxi Shang at Heavy strains manager Liang Puhui the focus of the work is about to start. cummins engine n14 said: "old customers is a source of business profits, the automotive industry and the fast moving consumer goods industry, product replacement cycle is longer, but also to follow the unchanging truth of this objective. Automotive industry has a huge market after infinite aftermarket space, maintaining to live old customers equal to the sitting cummins turbo Jinshan, and good word of mouth can not only bring new huge customer base, but also driven by sales of new products. "

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Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Charge Shaanxi market

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Charge Shaanxi market
Currently, the domestic commercial vehicle dongfeng trucks industry in a difficult period, and if you can not be adjusted for the status quo, even if it is a giant today, tomorrow may become a thing of the past. As the overall competitiveness of the central region of the strongest one of the provinces of Shaanxi, the commercial vehicle market also reflects this phenomenon. Dongfeng commercial vehicle company in the face of the decline in the condition of the heavy truck market as a whole, trying to fight market winter, dongfeng cummins engine continue to lay a solid foundation for the power savings market downturn "protracted war".
This year, Dongfeng heavy commercial vehicle Company of Shaanxi Shang at reseller partners actively respond to the changing market. Timely investment on the one hand, to improve the layout and construction of the network, hold together for warmth; the other hand, within the grasp based on the extension of the market to ensure smooth operations.
The market slipped deep tie to withstand market winter based
Since 2009, the overall economic downturn as well as export and domestic demand, Shaanxi, real estate, steel, coal, resources such markets have been weak, the various transport market to add volume to a different magnitude of the decline. As dongfeng truck china transportation industry one of the three major markets in northern Shaanxi coal transportation market by reduced demand, falling prices, coal sales weak, the direct impact on the transport market. In the first half of 2012, the commercial vehicle market of Shaanxi add a total of 10,000, down 33% year-on-year, tractors rose slightly, Heavy, heavy and medium, and the workers have a significant decline.
The environment market downturn, the the Shaanxi market also is not optimistic. Perhaps it was the experience of the environment to the dongfeng motor company Shaanxi dealer an "A Mighty Heart". It is understood that most of Shaanxi dealer is follow the Dongfeng years old dealer, has accumulated a wealth of experience to cope with off-season market. In the face of tough market, they can not only focus on the present, internal management and external market to enhance the sales of Dongfeng commercial vehicle to improve the ability of the company's operations; investment projects can focus on the future, in response to more intense market competition .
Market downturn better able to test the cummins diesel management capacity of an enterprise risk management and control is the key. The first quarter of this year, subject to the pre-policy implications of various inventories to sales ratio at a higher position. In response to this situation, Shaanxi Shang Dynasty at quickly on the risk management and control, have been gradually returning to normal starting in May.
In addition, after years of work, the Shaanxi market the network and lay a good foundation. Shaanxi Shang Dynasty at the assistant manager Marina Woodland new introduction said Shaanxi dealer after the accumulation of cummins n14 previous years, the strength has been quite strong, are the use of its own funds in the operation of the company. In this case, the dealer will be the impact of off-peak season was in confusion, not on price, but "heating". In addition, the Shaanxi dealers only distribution of Dongfeng commercial vehicle products dedicated Dongfeng cause, maintain a firm confidence in responding to market risk.
The same time, the high degree of Dongfeng brand cummins m11 awareness in the customer has a good market base, which is the power of the brand. Good foundation for the market is a "firewall" against market risk, market management experience accumulated over the years may grab more market share, compared with the Dongfeng commercial vehicle market in Shaanxi.

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Huang Gang, general manager of Dongfeng commercial vehicle: a hi

Huang Gang, general manager of Dongfeng commercial vehicle: a higher level
In January 2010, the Dongfeng Motor Corporation announced the list of high-level personnel of the Group and the cause of plate adjustment under the command of General Manager of Dongfeng commercial vehicle dongfeng parts post of suspense to the change of the smooth realization of enterprise transformation, the 53-year-old Tong Dongcheng this home in the past The heavy truck industry's most in six years to change the token of the spirit of enterprise, and transferred to the 43-year-old Huang Gang.
Grew up in June 2003 from a technical front-line, the core engine of Dongfeng Motor Factory was assistant position has been experience to the director of Huanggang Cheng Tong Dongcheng, when he was general manager, deputy general manager of Dongfeng commercial vehicle, together with the surface that an unprecedented scale in the history of China's auto joint venture is about to give this located in Shiyan mountains, has a 34-year-old commercial chinese motor enterprises brought huge collision and change.
The next six years, Tong, yellow two devote themselves to the development of the Nissan production management and process models applied to all aspects of Dongfeng commercial vehicle go, they stressed that the development, dongfeng dump truck production, supply, marketing, and other aspects of the collaborative and lean, and gradually improve efficiency and explore to improve more suitable marketing methods.
After a low-key to adjust the import stage silence, through process reengineering, unlike any pattern of heavy truck manufacturing companies began to play effectiveness - Dongfeng Tianlong Kingrun platform series dongfeng automobile company development, technology upgrade, manage, upgrade, and marketing transformation - - every link in the chain of Dongfeng commercial vehicle and efficient operation, and to reveal solid resilience in the financial crisis.
In 2009, the increasingly close to the market sold more than 190,000 commercial enterprises, including Dongfeng, DongFeng contribution of new products through the half. In January 2010, a new record for the birth of this month Dongfeng commercial vehicle sales reached 22,446, an increase of 496.33%, which Shiyan headquarters sales of 10,975, an increase of 733.33%.
The outside world sees is a full-service chain increasingly robust, growing influence on the market, and has a complete set of business models and worth learning system Dongfeng commercial vehicles, took over as the Huang Gang, dongfeng motor which not only means a solid the family property, also means greater pressure and challenges.
Face handsome yellow just steady, experienced, graduated from the Automotive Engineering Department of Tsinghua University in 1990 to enter the Dongfeng start from the front-line Endeavour, sensitive and professional technical details, but in front of the media has been relatively reticent, even was in charge of the most frequently and The marketing media contact, he politely refused to talk about yourself cummins 5.9 and cautiously expressed his views on the industry, but once the opening, often straight to the core of the problem.
As a result, Huang Gang do not like to speak nothingness, but are more accustomed to the action so that we understand and feel this character could make our next see a more pragmatic Dongfeng commercial vehicle.
Professional experience began in Dongfeng Huang Gang, in his new position, you need to do is the mode already forming, including commodity adaptive development, product lines and network construction, commodity import cummins fuel pump management wisdom smooth left of the loopholes in the seam and market development as well as cultural and personnel reserve, six years, the change in the situation ram ground more solid, and realize the long-cherished wish of this commercial vehicle manufacturer of China, the world's first three ".
In more recent 2010 companies to set their own sales of 200,000 and in the heavy truck market share increased by more than 1 percentage point target for Huang Gang, in addition to these digital indicators can be quantified, he also I hope cummins exhaust to be able to the end of this year, so that we see more engines, axles and transmissions, including powertrain value chain, a glow of newborn of Shiyan old base and a more valuable commercial vehicle brand .

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Dongfeng, Chang'an Group sales potential for higher approximatio

Dongfeng, Chang'an Group sales potential for higher approximation FAW Group
In 2009, China's automobile dongfeng cummins industry (including passenger cars and commercial vehicles) the top five Group sold more than one million, SAIC, FAW, Dongfeng, Chang'an, BAIC. These five Group has been China's sales volume and market share of the top five Automotive Group, its status is not used by other dongfeng truck parts Group shake. Sort of these five Group has been relatively stable, but more and more obvious changes in factor.
2005-2009, the Group's total sales volume of China's донгфенг five major car were 3,858,000, 4,715,800, 5,679,100, 6,207,200, 9,660,600 (see Figure 1), we can say car sales worth many countries and.
From 2005 to 2008, the market share of the top five Group has been about 66% - 67.00% in 2005 and 65.35% in 2006 to 64.60% in 2007, 66.17% in 2008. In 2009, its market share jumped to 70.80%, mainly due to the initiative of the Government's dongfeng automobile "four four small Automotive Group, Chang'an Automobile Group merged Hafei, Changhe, so that the market share of 5 Group occupies improve.
In 2005, FAW Group is still the Chinese Automotive Group sales in the first. From the start of 2006, sales of FAW Group, SAIC catch up, and sort of the five groups SAIC, FAW, Dongfeng, Chang'an, BAIC.
However, from Figure 2, it is evident that, in 2009, Dongfeng Group and Changan Group has sold the very approximation FAW Group, according to the 2009 rate of growth down, FAW Group will fell down from the second position, Dongfeng chinese vehicle or Changan will become the second. Value from the sales point of view, Dongfeng, Changan, FAW Group sales to narrow the gap when approaching the 2 million mark in annual sales, 2 million milestone in the auto companies.
From sales growth in 2009, the highest the Chang'an Group (117.07%), and Beijing Automotive Group (61.09%), far more than 2 million in sales in 2009, the sit tight SAIC (57.24%), Dongfeng Group (43.70%), the lowest of the 5.9 cummins engine FAW Group (26.86%).
Changan and Dongfeng Group's growth potential
Changan Group in 2009, demand has risen sharply, although its indirectly related to mergers and Hafei, Changhe, but its growth is the main thrust of its sales growth. Dongfeng Honda, Dongfeng Group within one of the lowest sales growth in the key Chinese automobile enterprise, but there are still relatively high growth in sales of Dongfeng Group.
In fact, the sales growth of Changan and Dongfeng cummins fuel injector Group inevitability of future growth potential will be higher than the FAW. Promote Changan and Dongfeng Group, the most fundamental reason for sales growth in 2009 and the future, not the internal enterprise competitiveness, but the Chinese car (new car) sales growth will come mainly from the second, third and fourth tier cities, from the geographical speaking, most of the sales growth will come from the central provinces, north and east of the relatively low level of consumption but the GDP and per capita disposable income grew rapidly provinces, as well as western several of GDP and per capita disposable income provinces. Dongfeng cummins 4bt Group and Changan Group significantly occupy the geographical advantages, its own brand car enterprises and joint-venture car prices in local policy support, bus and taxi priority purchase and use, consumer brand awareness than after only advantage over firms to set up factories in these areas.

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